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Like many of our friends on the mountain, Francis has a passion to work hard to move out of poverty. We are privileged to partner with him as he pays for 20% of his training!

Here is his story in his own words: “My name is Francis. I come from a family of six children. My parents are farmers. I went to Mbau-ini Primary School where I studied up to Grade 8. Unfortunately I could not join High School due to lack of school fees. After completing my primary education I started helping my parents in the farm. I also started working casually at the construction sites. I was able to save a little sum of money which helped me to start a driving course. I was unable to complete the course because the job I was doing did not last for long. So I dropped the course half way in 2015. I have been faithful to God serving Him at the church through youths, and also to the community. My desire is to finish my course so that I can get a permanent job.”