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Monicah had previously started a hairdressing class but was unable to finish due to lack of money. We awarded Monicah a scholarship to apprentice with in a local salon. Monicah is paying for 20% of her training and our scholarship covers 80%. Monica wants the training so that she will be able to take care of her child and be successful in life. We think those are some pretty awesome reasons! We are thankful that the trainer is allowing her to bring her baby to class with her! Isn’t he adorable?

Here is Monicah’s story in her own words: “My name is Monicah, and I am a mother of one child. I come from a family of seven children. My parents are farmers. I was born and grew up in Matathia. I went to Matathia primary school and then went to Kimende Secondary School. After my secondary education, I took a computer class at Kimende. I have done several jobs in a hardware, in a hotel, in a timber yard and in an electronic store. My parents are not well up and they have struggled to bring us up. My desire is to have a course so that I can be able to take care of myself and my baby without burdening my parents, since I have other brothers and sisters. I want to be a salonist and be a role model to to the youths and also an encouragement to them.”