Lives Impacted

Lives Impacted

For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works,which God prepared in advance for us to do.

Ephesians 2:10 NIV

We come alongside community members and meet them where they are. By starting with what they have and partnering with them to fill in the gaps, it is our goal to find dignity embracing solutions to their very real challenges.


Samuel has a dream of seeing his community transformed and he believes he can be a crucial part of that transformation. We awarded Samuel a partial scholarship to study Medical Engineering at Kabete Polytechnic School. His family took out a loan from their savings group to partner with us in paying for the balance of his school fees. When he is done with his three and a half years of training, Samuel will be able to repair medical equipment at hospitals. Samuel is focused, determined and motivated. We are happy to partner with him in his education.

This is Samuel’s story in his own words: “My name is Samuel from Kijabe. I come from a humble background, a family of three brothers and one sister.I went to Mbau-ini primary School and Mbau-ini Secondary School.I has been brought up by my grandmother since I was in grade four. I had a lot of struggles during my education due to lack of school fees, but God has been always on my side. He has brought me this far. I am a committed Christian who works with WOL( Word Of Life) to motivate young people. My dream has always been to pursue a medical related course. I has always wanted to do Medical Engineering, get a job and be able to help my family, and also people in my community My dream is to see my community transformed.”


Penninah is a woman of persistent prayer. She lost her eyesight 10 years ago and has been praying since then for an opportunity to receive training to be able to support herself and her daughter. We were able to enroll Penninah in a school for the blind to learn Braille with the hopes of going on to learn to use a Braille knitting machine. Once Penninah has learned these skills she will be able to use them to support herself and her daughter.

This is Penninah’s story in her own words: “My name is Penninah. I come from Kijabe. I was born and brought up in Matathia village.I come from a family of three sisters and seven brothers.I grew up in Matathia, went to Matathia Primary School up grade eight. I then joined high school but dropped in form one ( grade 9) due to lack of school fees. Being out of school I started doing small business here and there. I later got married in 2004 and had a daughter in 2005. Life was going on well until 2007 when I started eye problems. I went to the eye clinic and would change this glasses to the other. In 2009 I changed the hospital and went to another, where they told me my retina is having a scar. They gave me a shot every week and after a short time my eyes could not see anymore. My husband left me when I went blind leaving me with my daughter. I have been going to clinic until 2014 when i gave up since there was no change. I now live with my parents at our home where i was brought up.”


Monicah had previously started a hairdressing class but was unable to finish due to lack of money. We awarded Monicah a scholarship to apprentice with in a local salon. Monicah is paying for 20% of her training and our scholarship covers 80%. Monica wants the training so that she will be able to take care of her child and be successful in life. We think those are some pretty awesome reasons! We are thankful that the trainer is allowing her to bring her baby to class with her! Isn’t he adorable?

Here is Monicah’s story in her own words: “My name is Monicah, and I am a mother of one child. I come from a family of seven children. My parents are farmers. I was born and grew up in Matathia. I went to Matathia primary school and then went to Kimende Secondary School. After my secondary education, I took a computer class at Kimende. I have done several jobs in a hardware, in a hotel, in a timber yard and in an electronic store. My parents are not well up and they have struggled to bring us up. My desire is to have a course so that I can be able to take care of myself and my baby without burdening my parents, since I have other brothers and sisters. I want to be a salonist and be a role model to to the youths and also an encouragement to them.”


Ruth has a very special place in our heart. We visited her in her home in August of 2017 right after she gave birth to a beautiful baby. When we visited her again six months later, we had the privilege of being present when she accepted Jesus as her Savior. During a third visit in September of 2018, Pastor Francis informed us that Ruth wished to be the first student at the Vocational School that we plan to bring to the community. Ruth, a widow with four dependents, has already started to save money from working in the fields in order to take a dressmaking class. Ruth’s investment in herself and her children’s future inspires us to continue our investment in this community! We can’t wait to see Ruth behind a sewing machine making dresses and clothing for her children.